Friday, September 22, 2017

DINER EN BLANC 2017: what i wore!

this year, for DINER EN BLANC 2017, i took a gamble and played 
a little game of "let's look in the closet and pull out everything white." 
 luckily, it paid off! 

as a busy mama, with no attention span or time for shopping
 (even though i work in retail and play with clothes all day long!)
 i often find myself thanking past-sami for being such a thrift queen, 
stock-piling dresses for my future use!

the dress i wore was from my best friend's wedding a few years ago-
it is a fun eyelet, which was perfect for an end of summer fete.

my feather wrap added yet another texture to my all-white ensemble,
and just the right amount of warmth for a late summer evening.
i've had it for-ev-er and it's actually from forever 21!

i piled on a mixture of vintage/ j-crew and betsey johnson baubles,which all seemed to 
have a lavender tone to them. i brought along a lavender kate spade bag (conveniently
not pictured for breaking the all-white rule!) and gold gucci-inspired sandals 
from asos. my lipstick was a purpley mixture of playtime and pink popcorn by mac ;)

like last year, my favorite part of diner en blanc was getting to spend time to
my blog wife/ blog partner in crime, lei ann. we always seem to be coordinated
whenever we meet up-but this time it was on purpose!

thank you to lei ann for the fabulous photos :)

2 ♥ love notes.:

  1. Being really fashionable and up-to-date is what puts you apart from the mass. And indeed who wouldn't want to be popular. I think you're just swinging it in that white outfit and looking comfortable doing it.

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