Saturday, February 11, 2017

♥ keeping a stiff upper lip.

as a self-proclaimed lipstick addict, it is funny for me to admit that i have never 
worn a lip stain before!! while i usually lean towards creamier matte formulas in bright colors,
there is something about a berry-stained lip that looks so effortless and appealing to me.

thus, when given the opportunity to try a lip product from younique, where my friend, jill, 
offers a unique array of absolutely gorgeous makeup and skincare products, 
i had to go with the stiff upper lip stain in the color sultry.
(check out jill's facebook page for the latest offerings!)

giving the effect of having eaten a juicy red popsicle, (in the middle of winter no less!),
this lip stain is a bright rinse of color that clings to the lips and lasts a long time,
without needing to be re-applied! i made sure to exfoliate my lips beforehand,
so that the color would not seep into cracks and crevices, and i am happy
to report that the lip stain does not stray outside of the lip line, 
as you may expect from a more liquidy product. 

with all the extra time on my hands spent not thinking about my lipstick-
i am wondering what other must-have products i need to pick up from younique?!
stay tuned! xo

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