Thursday, February 16, 2017

♥ GIVEAWAY: serums from TREE OF LIFE!

wintertime is hard on the skin.

 the combination of dry heat and alternately biting cold air makes it nearly
impossible to maintain a balanced complexion- without a bit of help!

thankfully, for the past three weeks, i have had the luxury of coating my face
with multiple layers of spa-quality, organic products from tree of life.
specifically: the anti-aging serum combo pack, which includes
the trifecta of "flawless" skin: vitamin c, hyaluronic acid & retinol serum,
as well as the ultimate age-defying night serum.

just adding a few drops of each life-giving elixir before my morning/evening
moisturizing routine has given my skin new energy and vitality-
and a certain glow that usually fades in the dark winter days.

for a chance to win,  follow the prompts below:

Win a selection of the Tree of life beauty products #14 , 
 a winner will be chosen by february 26th,
and the products will be shipped directly to you! good luck!

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