Thursday, February 12, 2015

♥ taking beauty into your own hands: how to winterize your nails with julep.

i don't know if it's the harsh winter weather or the nature of the fabrics
that i come into contact with on a daily basis, but this season 
has done a number on my hands.

i will often look down mid-day and ask myself if i am a chimney sweep???
 because that is the only feasible explanation for why the skin on my hands is
so dry, cracked and sad, not to mention, always covered in 
 black dust from all of the hangers i have to work with.

last year, when i was pregnant (with all the time in the world, it seemed..) 
i would change my nail polish every couple of days, for fun!

now, i am lucky if i can paint my nails and let them dry thoroughly 
before i have to pick henry up and tote his spoiled self 
around the house with me :)

thankfully, the lovely people at julep must have known my plight and 
foreseen the new england forecast because they came up with this fabulous tutorial 
on how to "winterize" your nails and encouraged me to share it with you:

while i have not had the pleasure of testing any of the julep products
 for myself just yet (i have a feeling i am in need of the in good hands kit!!) 
i wanted to share a few more tricks that i've come up with after a little research:

* make your own DIY hand scrub! i like this recipe, which calls for
two teaspoons of coconut oil + two tablespoons of granulated sugar.

* apply hand lotion after the scrub (and whenever humanly possible!!)

here are a few that i've tried:

i have also heard fabulous reviews of:

* use aquaphor/ petroleum jelly on hands and cover with gloves overnight.

* use cuticle oil religiously. this kind by butter london looks lovely.

* and lastly, have a good set of tools to keep nails and cuticles maintained.
i have an inexpensive kit from revlon that does the trick just fine!

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