Wednesday, February 18, 2015

♥ meet jamberry.

have you heard of jamberry yet?

 i hadn't either, until a few months ago when i started noticing cute nail designs 
popping up all over my friend sarah's facebook feed. then i got invited to few
 parties (online and in real life), which made it all the more apparent to me
that i had to try these seriously adorable nail wraps.

 my friend was lovely enough to send me this now-discontinued print
as a sample to try. pink and floral. what's not to love??

i feel very old and set in my ways admitting this--
but up until these jams, i had never tried nail wraps before! 
 i felt nervous that i would wreck them on my first try, so i had my younger 
sister apply them for me. the process (though foreign to me), was fairly simple
 and the wraps literally shrink wrap onto your finger nail with the help of a
hair dryer. they are credited at lasting weeks upon weeks.
unless you're a picker--and then that's your own damn fault.

i asked sarah to let me know a little more about the brand
and here is what she has to say:

 i could honestly write a novel about all the reasons i love jamberry, so i'll keep it short.
basically, my favorite things about jamberry involve the easy at home application and that
i can stay on top of nail art trends for a fraction of salon costs.

for the price of ONE salon mani/pedi you can get at least 10-15 manicures, 
10 pedicures and tons of accent nails! jamberry math is da best math.

there are almost 400 designs, so whether you like simple and classy or crazy patterns,
there really is something for every one. with a good application, a manicure can last up
to 2 weeks and a pedi can last up to 2 months! seriously. no chipping, no dry time, no mess.

i also love that there aren't any of the harmful chemicals found in nail polish, and they can
be removed naturally by heating up a little coconut oil. jamberry is extremely fashion forward.
they have a new exclusive wrap every single month, and we also keep up with the pantone
color of the year. they retire and introduce new wraps every fall and spring.

all of the new catalog items are based on what is hot and trendy in the fashion industry.
one of the coolest products jamberry offers is the style box subscription.
they send you $30 worth of exclusive wraps/laquers/extras that are
available only to subscribers. last month they had a luxurious
deep pink lipstick that i love it more than words can say.

jamberry also participates whole heartedly in fashion week!
this year they are ofificially sponsoring the nicholas k fall/winter 2015 
runway show. 

lastly, jamberry is commited to charity!  $2 from every sale of these heart health 
awareness wraps (seen above on the runway!) goes towards the american heart association.
 and they also offer fundraisers where a portion of the sales benefit a person
or organization! 

 told you i could go on forever about jamberry.
i'm in teen love.

if you have are interested in getting your hands on some jamberries,
or have any further questions, please do not hesitate to email my
 friend, sarah: the nail enthusiast  & jamberry extraordinaire 

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