Tuesday, August 5, 2014

♥ spanx you very much.


it was only four short months ago that my baby bump was on and poppin'.  
and now, thanks to the beautiful technology that is spanx, you would hardly know
 that very recently there had been an 8 pound baby growing in my tummy!!

please excuse my lack of makeup/hair. i am a mama :)

there are certain dresses that just call for the help of spanx.
this colorful dvf wrap is one of my favorites-- but due to it's tight fit,
it's not always the most comfortable to wear. 

i was recently sent three different pairs of spanx to try. 
here's what i thought:

skinny britches high-waisted short: these look daunting to put on, because they are super 
tiny at first and feel like a scuba material. they also come up way high underneath your bra-
which seems like a big commitment for underwear, but once you get over that and actually get 
into them, they are so easy to wear, and so flattering underneath everything! LOVE!

skinny britches mid-thigh : these are incredible to wear- so thin and light
and easy to step into! and they fit like a dream, smoothing down every crease 
and every curve beneath your dress!  a MUST HAVE for wedding season! 

belly banishing shorty shaper (similar): this pair is great for shorter dresses,
but were a bit uncomfortable due to the fact that they rolled down at the belly area,
which sort of defeated their purpose for me!

all in all, i must say i can see why every celeb on the red carpet has a pair of spanx
on beneath their gowns, and why someone like oprah even wears them
under her jeans! thank you spanx, for sucking, in a good way ;)

ps. happy national underwear day!!

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