Thursday, August 28, 2014

♥ denim tuxedo.

since giving birth, my attitude towards my own style has changed quite a bit.
things that i would "never" wear like body con dresses- became my go-to
 while pregnant, and now that i have lost most of the baby weight, i have been 
experimenting with pants (another item i rarely wear!) and let's not
even get started on my newfound love for topknots!

it's almost fall--which definitely means it's time to break out the denim.
(did you see katy perry's britney spears-inspired denim dress at the VMAs? enough said. )
last week i paired a chambray top with a pair of joe's jeans and even though my
 husband called me a "cowgirl," i kind of liked the way the outfit turned out!

are you into denim this fall? 

here are some exciting pieces that i am loving from shopbop!
(where you can enjoy free 3-day shipping & 24-hour customer service, btw!!)

1 ♥ love notes.:

  1. I love you in denim! I know you say that you don't wear jeans but I think they look SO cute on you! And Baby Henry told me he approves ;)

    Also, I MUST have those polka dot jeans!!!



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