Friday, July 4, 2014

♥ bridal shower outfit details.

for my best friend's bridal shower, i decided to shop my own closet and 
wear a dress that hasn't been out on the town since i went to
cirque de soliel in 2012! 

not only does this floral frock from cynthia steffe coordinate perfectly 
with my betsey johnson necklace-- but it also went so well with the rustic
decor of the shower. (do you see the burlap detailing?:)

my lipstick is samba from sephora's "escape to rio" collection-- 
i had to buy (almost) all of them because the color pigmentation 
and the price  were so irresistible! 

my favorite accessory was the satire gold glitter wedges
from online retailer, white mountain shoes. the subtle sparkle
and the natural rope wedge were a very neutral complement to
the overall outfit- not to mention how comfy they are,
especially when you're running around decorating
with a baby strapped to your chest!

2 ♥ love notes.:

  1. That necklace has so much charm!


  2. Stunning pictures! You are looking gorgeous in your outfit. The dress is just looking beautiful and amazing. My friend also had a similar dress for her bridal shower at one of Los Angeles wedding venues. She bought it from a online store at cheap price.


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