Wednesday, July 9, 2014

♥ banded together.

as you probably know by now, i am a big fan of headpieces-
cat ears, turbans and headbands can add a bit of spice to an otherwise boring 
outfit, and also, i'm learning, help to glam up momma's bed head.

so when i heard about banded, a great new brand of no-slip, automatically-
adjusting, headache-free headbands, i could not wait to give them a day-long trial 
and see if they could last the day around my rather round head :)

they come in an array of colors and styles and in three different widths:
skinny, original 1" and wide-- the first two (featured above!) were my faves!
the inside of the headband is lined with a soft velvet that made it super comfortable
 to wear ALL day long, AND it didn't budge! 

not only are banded headbands amazing to wear-but they are also partnered
 with Amazima, an organization that provides meals for children in 
Uganda with every purchase. (since this may, 875,000 meals 
have already been funded!)

got to love a company that does good for others, 
while allowing you to look good as well!

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