Thursday, January 2, 2014

♥ the new radical.

now that i am pregnant, i want to tell you that the whole saying that,
  "baby girls steal their mother's beauty/ baby boys make their mother's skin glow"
is a total myth. 

i have pretty normal skin on a regular basis, but the extra hormones 
coursing through my body has definitely caused the kind of breakouts that
i haven't dealt with since high school! thanks alot, baby boy!!

(see unhappy photo below)

up until recently, my skin care routine consisted mostly of: not washing my face 
before bed, sleeping in my makeup, showering, and wiping the remaining eye
 makeup off with the help of a fabulous remover. 

but since turning 30 a few weeks ago- i have been making more of 
an effort to "baby" my skin. and what better way to get quick results than 
with a product such as radical skincare instant revitalizing maskwhich promises 
(and delivers!) "soft, smooth, glowing skin in minutes!"

i have used this mask twice a week for the past two weeks and i must tell you
there is nothing more refreshing than the feeling of tiny foam bubbles popping on
your skin, and nothing more satisfying than washing the dust of everyday living
off your face, to reveal glowing, healthy skin beneath! take that, baby hormones,
harsh winter winds and dry, over-heated apartments! 

read more about  radical skincare products here! :)

8 ♥ love notes.:

  1. You look gorg! Looks like it really worked :)

  2. Okay, I have never heard that saying before ever. But your skin looks great! I'll have to check out those masks. I agree the fuzzy pop of clean is the best feeling ever.


  3. Looking good there mama! I am definitely interested in checking out this mask, sounds (and looks) like a great product.


    1. yes- it's the type of mask that shows results right away, which is amazing. try it!!

  4. Wow your skin looks amazing, so I guess it works!


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