Monday, January 27, 2014

♥ giving winter the boot.

per usual, i have been giving winter the cold shoulder.

i figure- if i refuse to acknowledge the snow on the ground, freezing temperatures
and biting winds and just throw a big coat over the whole situation, maybe,
just maybe, i can maintain a sunny outlook and make it to spring time unscathed.

but just as usual, i am failing at this endeavor-- especially in the way of footwear.

most new englanders will opt for the unfashionable uggs (or in my case-fuggs),
choosing comfort over outfit coordination, but luckily for me, the lovelies
at hush puppies have saved the day (and my feet) once again.

meet the rustique ankle boot, my new best friend.

when thinsulate technology meets hush puppies style, the opportunities for
great outfitting are endless. i cannot tell you how happy my cold feet are
to be tucked into these warm boots, which easily transition from slushy
streets to retail sales floor. the heel is significant enough to give a bit
of height, but not so much that you cannot walk comfortably
for the entire day.the slouchy tweed patches help give the
 boots a lived-in look, even for someone who has only
worn them once or twice.

thanks to these new boots,
i can finally kick my fuggs to the curb-
and do it in the most stylish of manners.

4 ♥ love notes.:

  1. Those boots are great and they have thinsulate?! amaze


  2. I'm so over my boots. I'm in denial that I need more than 3 pairs.

    1. denial is a river in egypt, my friend! let's sail on it together :)


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