Monday, March 11, 2013

♥ happy birthday, baby.

on sunday, my adorable, endlessly lovable niece turned one.

 my sister decided on a yo gabba gabba theme-
since it is one of her favorite shows and is oh so colorful.
giada got two cakes- a big one to be shared among the guest
and a smaller one to be smashed.


we all gathered around to see what she do
once she discovered that she could put her tiny, little hands
all up in that tiny, little cake.

 at first it was fun,
 and then it wasn't.

"it's my birthday, and i'll cry if i want to." ~ giada mei

but then it came time to open gifts- and the tears quickly turned to smiles.

for her birthday, i made her a DIY tutu that i saw here.
it came out better than i could have ever expected.
how stinking cute is she??

happy 1st birthday, giada mei!

4 ♥ love notes.:

  1. Her tutu is so adorable! Happy birthday Giada!

  2. Love the DIY tutu! She looks so cute.

  3. your niece is so cute & looooove the tutu! i'm like you & have auntie fever! i just adore my new niece & knit/crochet things for her all the time!

  4. OH!!! SHE"S SO SWEET!!! oh my god that is so adorable. and her Yo GG cake looks delicious. You did an awesome Aunt move with that sweet tutu! I love it!



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