Monday, March 5, 2012

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in my ancient copy of peter pan, i was shocked to find 
a pristine coupon that is almost as old as i am. 
note the expiration date:
 may of 1984!!!

my friend kristen told me that the brookline booksmith posts 
their  similar "finds of the week," which i just had to check out.
 have you ever found anything noteworthy in an old book?

here are some faves from the bb archives:

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  1. SO fun! I have not found anything interesting yet :(

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  2. Oh how lovely! I read a book a few months ago, and found a boarding pass from a trip my Dad took years and years ago. I love to think of memories stored in books. I loved the old library cards with the date stamps of when a book was checked out, making each reader a part of the book's personal history. Great post!

  3. That's really cool. I love finding flat flowers in old books - remember when people used to do that?

  4. Thats so amazing! I've found a couple of pressed flowers in books I've bought used but nothing too exciting.


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