Wednesday, March 21, 2012

♥ i dare you to move.

while cleaning out one of our many overly-stacked book cases,
i came across this mysterious looking leatherbound tome with the words
"i dare you!" written across them.  intrigued, i turned to nick and asked him 
where he found such a neat looking book and why haven't i noticed it before, ever?

he claims he never saw this book in his life.
interesting.. because neither had i....

so, where was it from and why is it here 
and what is it dauntingly daring me to do?????

there was no better way to get to the bottom of it than to read the damn book.

published in the late 40's, this little work is actually  filled with lots of practical advice 
to help every reader dare to follow his/her dreams and live the life they imagined.

here's what i learned:

i want thoroughly to fix in your mind that life is a four-sided affair-
that your daring program is going to lead you into physical adventures,
 mental adventures, social adventures, spiritual adventures. you have not one, but four
lives to live- a four fold opportunity to grow. a body, a brain, a heart and a soul-
these are our living tools. to use them is not a task, it is a golden opportunity.
to find new capacities within you is not robbing you of any pleasure.
it is bringing new treasures into every waking hour.

here is another interesting thing. the more you pour out, 
the more you find to pour. the more of life's treasures you keep for yourself,
the less you have. the more you share with others, the more you have yourself.

our most valuable possessions are those which can be shared without lessening; 
those which when shared can multiply. our least valuable possessions are those
which when divided are diminished.

health is the foundation for individual success.

i have suggested a few things which have helped me physically during my lifetime.
all are simple rules, easy to carry out, and have been the powerful contributing
factors to the splendid health which i have always enjoyed. eight hour's sleep.
open windows. regular daily exercise, morning and night. eat the things that 
agree with me- but not overeat. walk my mile a day. open air every afternoon
time and on vacations. plenty of sunshine. practice simple rules of posture which 
make me feel better; besides, the man who walks straight and sits straight, i believe
thinks straight.

physical life brings happiness but mental life brings interest.
how i pity that person, young or old, who cannot shut out  the world,
open a book and go forth on an adventure of romance,
travel, biography, history or business.

dare to live in the presence of the best. 
try for one week to lead a distinguished life, surrounding
yourself with the very best the world has to offer. read an excellent poem.
begin the biography of a distinguished man. study a painting by an old master.
hear a best victrola record. listen to a classical radio program or a symphony.
hear a stirring speaker. meet an inspiring personality. see a sunrise and a sunset.
strive to crowd out of your life unworthy thoughts, unworthy acts, unworthy contacts.
just see what would happen if, for a solid week, you fill your life only with the best!
the very best in literature, the very best in art, the very best in nature.
if only we would surround ourselves with the world's excellence,
 we would live like kings!

make a program that will be satisfied with nothing less than 
your own self at your very best all the time.

3 ♥ love notes.:

  1. i love this. i'm gunna track down this book. or maybe it'll mysteriously show up on my bookshelf too?

  2. what a great and curious find! seems like the beginning of some fantastical story....

    thank you for sharing the beautiful words inside... great inspiration, especially on a day like today! you know what? I WILL go open those windows ;)


  3. Hello Sami,

    What a wonderful post. I loved every word of it! I miss seeing you at the D.C.!!
    I hope you're well.



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