Monday, October 10, 2011

♥ just 'brow'sing. (part 2)

remember a few months back when i told you i would be 
well, the day has finally come. 

but first, in interlude...

me: i just received a sample of anastasia's beauty express eyebrow kit, 
and i tried it today. what do you think? does it make my eyebrows look more solid?

co-worker: your eyebrows look darker, but they don't have a proper tail.

me: shoot. i wish i brought it with me so i could fix it!

co-worker: in my culture, we believe in the feng shui of the face.
 eyebrows are the most important because they frame your face.
they should be symmetrical and they should have a clear beginning, 
middle and end. this will reflect the life of your career.

me: so if my eyebrow is lacking a tail today, does that mean my life just (gulp) ...ends??

{{end scene}}

as i have said before, my eyebrows are funny. 
they grow in two different directions; are very thick at the beginning
 and thin at the end, and they're very fine. anastasia's eyebrow kit is fun
because it comes with a number of different-shaped stencils that 
you can match up and help even out your brows with.

you start by filling in your brow with the wax (on the left),
and then use the color in the center to fill in your brows, and the
 last eyeshadow(on the right) to highlight the space directly below 
your eyebrows. and there are directions included to help you do so :)

all in all, i think it is a fine product. it is a bit softer than my eyebrow pencil,
and the wax does help keep my funny eyebrows in place. the color of the
eyeshadow is similar to the neutral colors i often wear, and the stencils
helped me correct the shape of my brows quite a bit.

i still don't think my brows could ever look as perfect as the models
on the anastasia website, but at least they have a clear
beginning, middle and end- which is all you
can ever hope to get out of makeup
and life.

4 ♥ love notes.:

  1. It's is true Sami, eyebrows shape the face! Good post!

  2. It's is true Sami, eyebrows shape the face! Good post!

  3. I have to tell you, I didn't really do anything with my brows besides pluck errant hairs until, like, two months ago, when a makeup artist friend suggested I use brow pencil. The difference is incredible! Who knew such a little thing could make a difference?? Now I am a little eyebrow obsessed...


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