Tuesday, October 11, 2011

♥ boston fashion week was in-tents.

 two weeks ago, i had the good fortune of attending the
  lily & migs spring/summer 2012 fashion show in the tent during 

although it was not my first experience at a bfw runway event,
i must say that it was quite a spectacular venue and such an unforgettable
fashion experience. the show was wonderful, but i have to say the highlight of my
 evening was walking into the tent, locked arm and arm with bfw founder & 
executive director, jay calderin

here is what it looked like before the show:
my blogger pals and i were seated in the third or fourth row,
and as you can see, there was not a bad seat in the house. 

the music was fun and upbeat; the models had swagger,
the clothes were both colorful & neutral, flowy yet tailored, 
with unexpected touches. the styling was all about big hair,
big jewelry and big attitude. loved it.

designers (and former betsey johnson interns)
 lauren antos & jen barron did a fabulous job creating
a cohesive collection of very wearable clothes
in colors that suit all skin tones, shapes and sizes.

and here are some closeups for you to enjoy:

All photos by Ashley Wilson/Fashion Foto Wire

6 ♥ love notes.:

  1. Did you get the closeups? They are amazing! The tent was fun, was it not? A nice venue...

  2. The hair was done by mizu boston, located right in the Mandarin Oriental.

  3. Loving this collection! Especially the last two pieces. Not sure if I could completely carry off the second piece, but I'll bet I could work up to it! :)


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