Saturday, July 20, 2019


 as a visual stylist at bloomingdale's,  i am responsible for
 the overall look and feel of the store. this means that i spend my days 
going up and down ladders, stapling visual props to the wall or
 suspending them from the ceiling, etc.

oftentimes, when i am in the middle of a project, i get asked by customer 
and associates alike what my house must look like,
 since i make such colorful installations at the store- and the 
answer actually surprises people: 

some of the walls in my condo are completely white!

unlike at work, where i have the props at hand to transform a space,
and the tools necessary to restore the mess i made-- at home, 
i am afraid to make the commitment and ruin the blank canvas!

above, you can see one of the smaller- ie. more approachable walls in my condo- 
that has slowly become a gallery wall of family photos and colorful kids artwork.

i have been looking to re-vamp it, (rather than tackle one of the larger, scarier walls 
in my living room!)  and was so excited when canvas factory  reached out with an
 opportunity to add another beautiful canvas print to the collection!
(see my review from last year!)

canvas factory is committed to offering canvas prints that are not
only affordable for all, fast! and high quality. 

i decided to continue with the tradition of printing one of my favorite photos
of henry and sadie- and chose one from our christmas card because--
who doesn't want a cuteness overload every time they walk into their kitchen?

i tried choosing from a number of pictures on my phone (where i take nearly all of 
my pictures these days) and the website was able to let me know beforehand that these
photos were not eligible to be blown up onto canvas format due to blurry pixellation-
so make sure when you are choosing a photo for your canvas print that
you are choosing one that is taken by digital camera vs. your phone!

i am very happy with the speed and quality of this print- not only does it
act as an anchor to the other photos on this small gallery wall- creating a color
story of red and yellow tones, that play well with the smaller prints and drawings,
 but it also is just about the happiest picture i could ever imagine spending 
my days looking at :)

thank you, canvas factory, for another picture-perfect print!
(i was provided this canvas for review, but all opinions are my own!)

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