Saturday, October 1, 2016

♥ ready, set, SWAP!

last week, i attended trust in tricia's fifth annual boston fashion week style swap with 
my blog wife, lei ann! it was so nice to meet the loud and lovely tricia- and to be in the
 company of some really great ladies- most of whom are tricia's clients.

 before the main event, we were able to mix and mingle with guests and to hear 
an amazing personal story of one of the inspiring women who utilized project hope- the
organization that tricia works with after the initial swap is over! the extra clothing
culled from the swap is  then used in a boutique style event that tricia offers to
women from project hope in order to put together a business-look that
is perfect for job interviews and speaks to their personality!

the swap boutique was set up in a fun way that invited swappers to dive in to the treasure trove 
of clothing as well as accessories. each person was allowed to take the amount that they brought- which seemed pretty civilized compared to the vultures i've see at past swaps!

stay tuned for the next post regarding  what i wore to the swap!

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