Thursday, October 15, 2015

♥ "a tie is a win for more than one person" ~ skinny tie madness.

while women have seemingly endless possibilities for switching up their looks-
be it with the magic of makeup or the wide assortment of available accessories,
men have only a few tried and true elements to keep themselves looking
modern and fresh.

skinny tie madness was founded in 2012 by parth sharma, in an effort to 
offer the most comprehensive array of skinny ties on the internet. 

although this modern-style tie can be spotted in magazine editorials and
on the red carpet, many of the skinny tie options out there are made with bad fabric,
in a bad color and even worse finish. skinny tie madness, on the other hand,
provides customers with a wide variety of colors, textures and fabrics
that are anything but basic. each tie is 2" wide and 58" long, comes with
a hilarious name, and will no doubt- garner alot of compliments.

here are some of my faves:

ps. don't you love?? check out their bow ties, tie clips, and pocket squares as well!

pps. they offer a graduate box of 10 ties for $79- how cool is that??

ppps. black friday is just around the corner- from novemeber 27th-30th,
get your skinny tie on for $9.99 + free shipping- no code needed!!

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