Thursday, July 9, 2015

♥ smile brilliant results & a giveaway!!!!

it has been about a month since i posted my first impressions of smile brilliant
 and i am excited to share the rest of my teeth-whitening journey with you today!

after walking you through the quick yet awkward process of making the
dental molds for my custom-fitted trays, they arrived promptly in the mail
 about a week later :)

i was impressed with the lightness of the material that the trays are made of
as well as the way they perfectly glided over my smile. 

it is the custom fitted tray, which cost upwards of $500 at a dentist office, 
that makes all the difference in the teeth whitening process because of the
closeness with which it adheres the teeth whitening gel to your teeth.

i have tried whitening strips, whitening gels, whitening tooth paste and
chewed whitening gum, but nothing compares to whitening your teeth
with a tray that was meant for you and only you.

it's like cinderella's proverbial glass slipper- but for your smile.

the trays come in an simple black case that make it convenient for storage and travel.

the whitening and desensitizing gels will have already arrived in the box that contained
the dental mold kit. they come in neat little syringes that are pre-filled with the clear gel.
these syringes can be stored in the refrigerator and hold up to three sessions worth
of gel in them, so be sure not to use them all up in one sitting!

first, you will need to use the tasty desensitizing gel to prep your teeth for whitening.
 it is easy to squeeze out a thin ribbon of this gel into the tray and takes only minutes to
 go into effect. i left it in for 10-15 minutes at a time. my teeth are not sensitive to cold,
(hello, ice cream, i love you. i bite you) so i haven't had much issue with my
teeth being extra sensitive after whitening, but this could be a
side effect for some.

lastly, you rinse the desensitizing gel out of your mouth and off of the trays and
dry your smile off. squeeze out a similarly thin ribbon of teeth whitening gel into trays and 
leave in your mouth anywhere from 15 minutes to 3 hours. some people sleep in them!
be sure to rinse afterwards because it isn't quite as yummy as the first gel!

i have tried to keep it in the 15-20 minutes and have loved the ease and convenience of 
whitening my teeth while watching tv  at home or taking a car ride. it definitely beats sitting
in a dentist office or even worse- sitting in the middle of the mall-with a paper towel clipped 
around your neck and a big blue light in your face.

the results for my almost-white smile are not as dramatic as some of the testimonials 
i have seen on smile brilliant's page, but i am still very happy with my brighter
whiter smile and would recommend it to anyone looking to give their
teeth a boost!!

and now for the giveaway!

click here for a chance to win $139.90 store credit to smile brilliant!!
this is equivalent to teeth whitening trays + 3 whitening gel syringes and 3
desensitizing gel syringes! :D :D
Tooth Whitening by Smile Brilliant

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