Wednesday, May 14, 2014

♥ turning HEADS.

san fransisco-based architect /artist/ paper flower creator,
 tiffanie turner, recently opened a collection entitled, HEADS, 
at rare device in SF, and i am pretty sure it is 
blowing. people's. minds.

oversized, intricately-detailed versions of mother nature's most
beautiful designs, each 24-30 inch flower is lovingly recreated in crepe paper
in about 35-80 hours time. i would love, love, love, to wear one
as a brooch, or even better, as a headpiece!

images via google.

do you live in the area (if so, i'm totally jealous!) ??
because this saturday, tiffanie will be teaching a workshop
on how to make a paper dahlia headpiece. 

i will be there in flower-loving spirit :)

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