Monday, February 3, 2014

♥ introducing: makerwear.

while the baseball hat trend is nothing new, i have avoided it due to my overly
 round face and a tendency to wear cat ears and bows on my head instead. but when i was 
contacted by makerwear, an exciting new company that sources it's hat designs from
 real artists, and finds a way to produce and pay them for it,
 i jumped at the chance. 

i chose one of the most popular designs, appropriately named, put a bird on it.
(have you seen the funny portlandia video that inspired the name?)

i styled it with this zany outfit (my pregnancy staple of bold necklace + bodycon dress + fur vest)
and tried it with braids/glasses and without. i was surprised and delighted by how cute it looked :)

this cleverly curated collection of "crowd sourced" hats are now available at 
select target stores, and i have no doubt we will be seeing more of them 
in the future, since their "powered by the people" business model
clearly represents what the future of design has in store.

2 ♥ love notes.:

  1. You made that hat work so well, especially with the pigtails! < 3love your use of color and all the layering! you're such a babe!!

    1. feda, you're too sweet :) glad you enjoyed my attempts at dressing up a hat!!



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