Wednesday, December 4, 2013

♥ black magic.

working in retail on black friday weekend was a doozy. 
long hours, crazy customers, and an endless amount of work to be done.

normally, i don't mind being on my feet all day- 
but at almost six months pregnant, i am beginning to appreciate 
the comfort of a pair of sensible shoes. (do i sound almost 30??)

::cue angels singing and bells ringing::

...and then this gorgeous pair of hush puppies arrived at my door step,
like a christmas miracle, just in time for my crazy weekend.

can i tell you how much more manageable life was without having to
 worry about aching feet? and did i mention how cute these black flats are?

the hint of gold sparkle definitely adds a festive something to any holiday outfit.
and the springy foam interior will guarantee your tootsies feel just as good 
as they look :) i highly recommend!

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