Thursday, September 19, 2013

in yet another astounding post on jezebel, the numbers from new york fashion week 
were crunched to reveal the terribly skewed racial lines in the world of fashion.

"of the 142 shows out of the 184 that showed at mercedes benz fashion 
week for spring/summer 2014*, there were 4637 looks.
 of those close to 5,000 looks, around 80 percent 
were modeled by white women."

it is shocking to think that it is 2013 and some designers  are still
choosing to give such a limited view of who their "ideal" customer is. 
when the world is so diverse and colorful, why just rely on
 one type of look? 

a designer who has been applauded for the diversity of her shows
is my personal favorite, diane von furstenberg, who seeks always to 
glorify women- of all colors. 

yet another reason why 
she's the best.

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