♥ her name was lola.

i must admit, i occasionally enjoy watching bad romantic comedies-
the kind that send nick running out of the room- the kind that no
person should pay money to see in theaters, movies like
  lola versus,which depict women at their shallowest- 
obsessing over their bodies, their food intake
 and relationships.

the only good part of the entire film experience was lola's wallpaper,
which i discovered is foxy flowers wallpaper by elli popp.

elli popp is a london-based luxury company offering the
romantic wallpaper, fabric and home accessories
of artist and color designer, katja behre.

aren't her designs so dreamy??


  1. Both the wallpaper designs and prices leave me breathless.

  2. I was looking at Eli Pop wallpaper when I was papering my alcove! I love them, but so freakin' expensive. Hard to get in the U.S., too.


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