Tuesday, May 21, 2013

♥ i bought a fanny pack.

i've been giving alot of thought to my present cell phone situation at work.
i feel like i need it on me at all times- but i wear alot of dresses. 
and while some of them have cleverly hidden side pockets,
i find that most of the time i end up shoving my phone
down my cleavage, which gives my chest a lop-
sided look, and my phone a sweaty afterglow.

inspired by dkny's spring 2013 collection,
i have decided to give a fanny pack a whirl.
and so far, so good! 

would you ever wear one?? or is it too hulk hogan?

here are some other options:

urban outfitters studded fanny

4 ♥ love notes.:

  1. good for you! i have 2 sequined fanny packs (yes, 2!), a gucci & michael kors one! embrace the fanny pack proudly!

  2. This past weekend in NYC I remarked to my husband that the black nylon fanny pack trend is alive and well with the tourist crowd! However, this one is clearly in a whole different class. I like it. Clare Vivier also make a leather fanny pack that I've been eyeing.

  3. These are not Hulk Hogan's fanny packs my friend!! I'm absolutely positive that you rock yours with panache. Follow up post required;) I want to see it in action!


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