Thursday, August 6, 2009

♥ i've got soul, but i'm not a soldier.

images via we heart it.

my friend was just given a set of
dolce + gabbana dog.tags for her birthday.
another friend of mine works on a military base–
which got me thinking about military–inspired style,
and how rad + badass it is all at the same time.

having never given boots, badges + medallions
much of a thought before when it comes to my personal style,
i am now convinced that i have just unearthed
what seems to be a veritable land mine
of fashion possibilities.

david yurman dog tags here.

gucci dog tags here.

indian accessory designer/stylist
shilpa chavan of little shilpa
has just revealed a fall 2009 look book
of gorgeous and theatrical
world war II inspired hats and accessories.
i usually don't like uniforms,
but if i could look like this in military garb..
sign. me. up.

and did anyone catch slumdog millionaire's (2008)
freida pinto in this knockout frock borrowed from
it's worthy of a three gun salute.

and while i do agree that war is good for
absolutely nothing,
i do like the style that it has inspired

so, maybe you're more of a lover than a fighter,
maybe you're not ready to gear up just yet,
at least for now, you can look like it.

find balmain t.shirt here.

find military inspired jackets at asos.

anna sheffield bullet necklace.

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