Wednesday, August 26, 2009

♥ cold-hearted snake.

this ssssummer i have ssseized every sssingle
opportunity to wear my sssslithery snake bracelet,
given to me by my aunt whose eccentric
old lady friend bequeathed it to her.

coiling it half way up my forearm,
i feel the weight of symbolic wisdom and immortality
that ladies like cleopatra must have felt when they chose to
entwine themselves in these ever.regenerating,
forever.spiralling serpents.

and while i do enjoy the theatrical,
almost halloween-effect that
this costume piece lends to my wardrobe,
i never imagined that it was anything beyond a forgotten bobble
from an old woman's long lost box of junk jewelry,
i happened upon an image that looked
uncannily similar to my beloved snake.

by taking time to inspect the snake,
i found out that my bracelet is
no ordinary iparty accessory of a bygone era- no,
but rather a 1950's vintage gem from whiting davis,
a company as famous for its reptile jewelry replicated from fine museum pieces,
as it is for the mesh bags it has produced since the late 1800's.
now that's a horse {errr.. snake!} of a different color!

and just as snakes magically rejuvenate,
so do companies like bvlgari,
who are bringing sssssexy back this fall with a
resurrection of their serpenti collection to celebrate
the luxury brand's 125th anniversssary.

the original collection was made famous
by none other than miss cleopatra herself: elizabeth taylor,
who wore this bvlgari watch while filming in rome.

here's chloe sevigny sssporting a vintage bvlgari snake

this new collection from bvlgari promissses to play
on the bold icon of the passsst,
by adding diamonds, gems, mother of pearl
to the pink + white gold snake bracelets, watches and rings.

i guess what goes around,
really does come back around.

3 ♥ love notes.:

  1. i looove your snake bracelet ! it is not too flashy, but just the perfect touch of daring.. after reading your post you have inspired me to try out this look ! thanks !

  2. Fabulous!! It really is a good piece that will funk up any outfit :)

  3. such a great find you have there! :)


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