Thursday, November 19, 2009

♥ she comes in a shape no bigger than an agate stone.

image via the crystal session on flickr.

i've collected alot of different things in my day-
care bears, barbies, treasure trolls, stamps, nail polishes,
leonardo dicaprio memorabilia, mac lipglosses, cocktail rings...,
but never rocks.

maybe if i did, then i would have enough saved
to make my very own copy of this necklace from

inspired by the beach, these earthly delights
offer a beauty that is grounded in nature,
and bold enough to rock with any outfit.
{pun intended!}

here are a few semi.precious jewels that will
have you thinking you might be love.stoned:

agate stone necklace bags of sparkle, $35
agate stone cuff, bags of sparkle, $33

i love this agate necklace by designs by amber on etsy.
it gives a whole new meaning to the term, "natural beauty."

would be a stunning addition to any
rock or jewelry collection.

i wouldn't mind wearing one of these rocks, either!!
by zulasurfing on etsy.

bring out your inner essence with these diamonds in the rough.
agate slice on leather, nomad shop on etsy, $32
rosetta stone agate geode slice, my cellar door on etsy, $40

lastly, these delicious gems from beijo flor on etsy
will have you getting ready to rock.

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